Zeolite: How it Works

Greetings House of Buckle fans! I hope this finds you WARM and also in good health. I also hope that your New Year Resolutions are still going strong. I know for many folks the "New Year/New You" resolution is front and center and that usually includes a vowed change in diet and/or activity level. If you have not made any resolutions or if you find yourself having strayed from the path, the great news is, the year is still YOUNG and its not too late to get back on course! With that in mind, it may be a great time for a full body detox, which brings me to the topic of discussion today, Zeolite.

What is Zeolite?

I won't get too deep into the 'what' as I have already covered this in another blog. But as a quick summary, Zeolite is a naturally occurring negatively charged alkaline mineral (there are also man made synthetic versions as well). Zeolite is one of the rare natural minerals that is negatively charged. Why is that important? Read on.

What Zeolite Does:

In short, it attracts and traps toxins that are in your body. This means it provides your body with great detox support health.*

How Zeolite Works:

If you are taking a good Zeolite (we recommend the naturally occurring form known as Clinoptilolite), it will be micronized with different sized particles, some bigger and some smaller. This is important because the larger particles stay in the gut and the smaller particles will disperse into your blood stream.

Toxins that have potentially built up in your body over time (heavy metals, pesticides, molds, etc.) are positively charged. Zeolite (in the gut and in the blood stream, respectively) attracts the toxins because Zeolite is negatively charged. Further, If you look at Zeolite under an electron microscope it has a 3D structure (unlike activated charcoal or bentonite clay). The structure is similar to a honeycomb so it has channels. The toxins that are drawn to Zeolite get trapped in these channels and leave the body during elimination. Also worth noting, Zeolite has a stronger negative charge than either activated charcoal or bentonite clay, respectively. I like and have used activated charcoal and bentonite clay, but I like Zeolite better.

Zeolite: Smart Mineral

Unlike many other detox options, Zeolite is a 'smart mineral' which means it will draw the positively charged toxins without drawing key/good nutrients from your body. This is because Zeolite binds based on atomic weight. It really is an incredible mineral, folks!*

This makes Zeolite a great option as it provides you will tremendous detox support*. And as your body detoxes, you receive as added bonus immune system and digestion health support* as well!

You can get Zeolite in liquid, bulk powder, or capsules. Just make sure whatever option you choose, you buy from a reputable company that is sourcing and processing the Zeolite following proper protocols and regulations as Zeolite needs to be mined from a quality source and processed properly.

That's all for today folks. Thank you for stopping by and remember, your best wealth is your health! Make it a joyful day!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.