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Bucklebury is thrilled to partner with Safe In Harm's Way to further its mission to help victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking. We encourage you to get to know the fine people at Safe In Harm's Way and please pass on their information to anyone you know that is in crisis and may need their help.


Safe In Harm's Way is a Non-Profit Organization with a mission to change the world of those who are recovering from domestic violence. It’s born of an instinct to right wrongs and create an ever-expanding web of goodness.


Safe In Harm's Way


What does this mean to the people who need us?
Small steps every day. Small interactions every day. Networking. Connecting people to each other. Sharing ideas. Listening and acknowledging the truth of abuse survivors. Holding abusers accountable. Kindness. Honesty. Polite. Having a great baseline of expectations for people (and acting on “closing the door” if the baseline is not met in a kind way.)

Safe In Harm's Way Partnership


This running and evolving to-do list means each person we meet will walk away feeling valued and heard; in turn, we will thrive and proceed towards the best life. Really, we like to call it a Platinum Platter Life where only the best, honest and valued people, experiences, food, homes and travel are brought easily and quickly into our world. As a result, other people will exit our interactions and do good for the next person they interact with; and so on and so on and so on until the world starts to change. Person by person. Moment by moment.


Domestic violence is too big a giant to slay. It has to be chipped at and worked at each day. Our hope is that as we grow in our mission, more people will want to hold our hand and change the world.

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