Salutations House of Buckle readers!

With Memorial Day in the rear view, summer is upon us. I wanted to check in with you and find out how your weight loss goals were coming along? If you have hit your goal, awesome job!!! I know you must feel great right now as your clothes fit better and you like what you see when you look in the mirror! I always so greatly respect anybody who puts a plan in action, works hard, and then realizes that goal. And especially in the area of weight loss and fitness. This is because it is so hard to get that ball rolling. But once you do, you get locked into ‘the zone’ and then you start seeing results. It is a difficult road, but one worth walking. So again, to those that have hit their weight loss/fitness goals, congratulations! Keep it going and don’t look back!!

IF you have fallen short…

For those of you who did not or have not yet hit those goals and are struggling, don’t give up! First of all, don’t beat yourself up. And if you have given up, make today the day you start again. It’s never too late to start again! It is to you this blog is written. I wanted to share with you some supplements you can take that can potentially help you hit your goals. I like supplements for two reasons. First, they work! Secondly, whenever I need a jump start, if I buy a few supplements, just having something new gets me excited again and in the mood to renew my goal vow!

Critical call out…

Supplements are not magic pills. Therefore, you can’t blow out calories every day with bad eating, put no effort into fitness and just pop some supplements and expect to see weight loss and fitness happen. It doesn’t work like that. They are SUPPLEMENTS. Therefore they SUPPLEMENT your weight loss and fitness program.

Here are the supplements you should consider. You can get these three items at places like Walmart but I would recommend going to GNC or a health food store. You pay more but you get a larger dose and the quality and efficacy is higher.

Smitty’s Top Three Go-To Weight Loss Supplements:

  • CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Some people call this the “weight loss miracle pill”. I don’t know if I would go that far, but it is my favorite and I’ve had great success with this over the years. CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat/dairy products. CLA’s claim is that it improves body composition by fueling metabolism. There are plenty of studies that show the use of CLA will help you lose extra pounds as part of a focused diet and fitness program. But be advised, there are studies that show it doesn’t really do anything and there are even studies that show it can have negative health benefits as well. I’ve taken it for years on and off and always felt it absolutely helped me.
  • Chromium Picolinate: is a form of the mineral chromium. It is part of a molecule known as chromodulin which helps insulin perform its functions in the body. In turn,this helps your body process carbs, fats, and proteins. Because of this, it is known to lower blood sugar and help the body’s response to insulin. People with diabetes swear by it. As such, it may be effective at improving the body’s response to insulin and/or lowering blood sugar. As with CLA, there are conflicting reports/studies. I have had great success with it. Like with CLA, I don’t know if it works or if, because I’m taking it, I am putting extra effort into diet and working out hard. Either way, I have gotten great results with it.
  • L-Carnitine: is a quaternary ammonium compound involved in metabolism. Huh? Lol, exactly what I thought too! For those of us who need a simpler definition, L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. It is known for helping the body turn fat into energy by facilitating the metabolism of long-chain fatty acids. As with the other two supplements on this list, I have always had great success with this one.

I recommend you take these three supplements, drink at least 64 oz of water/day, get minimum 20-30 minutes of fitness at least 3/week (even brisk walking works), CUT OUT SODA POP, and above all, clean up your diet. If you do this, you will see results!

Supplement bonus!

I want to offer up a couple more supplements that I have taken recently and with really great results. To begin with, these were completely new to me. I mention them because they really did work. For the last couple of months I have taken a combination of Xanthromax and Elevate (along with the three supplements listed above). As a result, I have lost 11 pounds during this time. Here is a brief description of both:

Xanthromax: Considered a “Super Nutrient”, is a powerful antioxidant derived from Hops flowers. It is purported to support healthy metabolic activity, weight management, non-thermogenic energy, and beyond this, Xanthromax does a whole lot more!

Elevate: Tabbed as “Smart Coffee”, this micro ground functional coffee has a blend of Nootropic ingredients that support energy, memory, and mental clarity.

Like I said, I took these for two months and noticed right away I had a ton more energy and my appetite was suppressed. These items are direct to consumer only. If interested, drop me an email at

In closing…

If you need any personal advice, always feel free to reach out via email or PM me in Messenger! I’m here to help you! Have a wonderful day and remember, your best wealth is your health!