Salutations, House of Buckle Blog readers! I hope you are having a great summer thus far! I can’t believe its already mid-July. Where is the time going?! Before you know it, we will be talking about back-to-school! But let’s not think about that now. There are still several weeks of warm, sunny, summer fun to enjoy! I hope you are getting out and enjoying the weather, getting some fresh air, sunshine and fitness. And with that, I think it’s a great time to talk about lemons and limes. I consume lemons and limes all year, but with summer heat, sweating, etc. I consume even more during the hot months. If you don’t currently have lemons/limes in your diet, you are missing out, big time! Let’s take a closer look…

Stop the hate!

When people talk about their favorite fruit, most folks will bring up the usual suspects like apples, oranges, bananas or peaches. But lemons and limes usually don’t make the cut. And that’s a darn shame. I think folks are missing out! Lemons and limes do not get the respect they deserve and gosh darnit, I’m not gonna take it any longer! Oh sure, they are on the sour side and this prevents many people from enjoying them like their sweeter rivals, but they have a lot to offer and if you just give them a chance, you won’t be sorry! I want to just take a moment and educate you on the value lemons/limes bring and it is my hope that you will begin to see them as more than just garnish or ornamental fruits! And no, this message is not brought to you by the National Lemon and Lime Association of America or some such. This is not a paid advertisement!

Did you know?

Lemons are native to Asia and are hybrid between a sour orange and a citron? And no, limes are NOT lemons that are picked early, (yes, there are actually people that believe this, lol).

10 health benefits of lemons/limes

  • Alkalizing: Lemons and limes (and all citrus) are acidic OUTSIDE the body, but once your body metabolizes them, the minerals in lemons/limes dissociate in the blood stream and this raises the body’s pH above 7 making the body MORE alkaline! Psst…more alkaline is better.
  • Immune Boost: Packed with vitamin C, lemons and limes provide terrific immune system support. Vitamin C aids the body’s immune system by attacking virus cells and also by destroying bacteria, respectively.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure: A study found that the auraptene in lemons/limes actually helps lower blood pressure in rodents that were bred with hypertension. Additionally, lemons have been used for centuries in eastern medicine to help blood vessels be pliable and soft, which reduces blood pressure.
  • Anti-Viral/Anti Inflammatory: Both lemons and limes have proven time and again that they are anti-viral and anti-bacterial. This makes them great against the common cold, sore throats, respiratory tract infections, etc.
  • Anti-Constipation: Both lemons and limes contain a lot of citric acid, which in turn aids with digestion due to its ability to interact with other enzymes and acids. As such, gastric juices are stimulated, and this promotes digestion.
  • Nervous System Help: Because lemons and limes are both high in potassium, they can help boost your nervous system. Low levels of potassium in the blood can cause anxiety and depression. Lemons and limes combat this by giving you a much needed potassium boost!
  • Complexion: Lemons and limes both contain collagen which is an important nutrient for younger/wrinkle free skin. Collagen actually delays the aging process and tightens skin.
  • Heart Help: The flavonoids in lemons/limes help keep the fats and sugars in your blood at healthy levels. This in turn aids the heart!
  • Kidney Stone Prevention: The citrates in lemons/limes (and other citrus) can help stop buildup of the minerals that contribute to kidney stones. I’ve never kidney stones, and hopefully never will.  I’ve heard horror stories though and the thought of it keeps me up at night sometimes, lol.
  • Energy Boost: the B complex found in lemons/limes (especially the thiamine and riboflavin) help turn your food into energy. Who doesn’t want or need more energy?!

Daily dose

Here’s what I do: each morning I squeeze one lemon and one lime into 20 oz of water (along with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar). Additionally, after working out, I usually squeeze one lemon into 20 oz of water as well. I recommend starting here!

Be advised

Lemon/lime juice can be hard on your teeth (especially if taken with apple cider vinegar). If you take some at night before bed, make sure and brush your teeth afterward!

That is a wrap, folks. Thanks for stopping by and I would recommend getting into the habit of cutting lemons and limes into your daily regimen! You won’t be sorry!! Until next time, remember that at Bucklebury, we believe the best wealth is your health. Take care!


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