Salutations! You have probably noticed different products popping up that contain silver. There are liquid silver solutions, silver gels, silver lozenges and silver soaps, just to name a few. Silver’s reputation has a very wide spectrum, with some people swearing by it, others are ignorant of it, and there are also folks leery of it as well. With silver’s rise in popularity I thought it was high time talk about it and shed some more light on this aid. I will go on record in full disclosure and say that I have been using silver for years and I think it works wonderfully. Let’s not waste any more time and get right down to it!

Why silver?

At the most basic, silver ions absorb oxygen. This is important because in doing so, silver kills bacteria by interfering with their respiration. It is also reported that silver ions are able to pass into cells where they interfere with bacteria’s metabolic process and damage its DNA, leading to the cell’s death. Silver is also non-toxic to the human body and combined with its antibiotic properties, has played an essential role in medicine for thousands of years. Consider this: before the widespread use of antibiotics, colloidal silver and silver-protein complexes were ingested or applied topically to fight different illnesses. Additionally, silver foil was even wrapped around wounds to aid in healing and silver has been used for dental hygiene and even in eye drops to prevent infection. In short, people have been using silver both internally and topically for a LONG time.

Did you know?

Small amounts of silver are used today in some hospitals to coat surfaces and medical equipment to prevent the spread of pathogens and super-bugs! Silver works!

Not all silver solutions are the same

Liquid silver is a very simple antimicrobial solution. In most instances, it is comprised of .001% pure metallic silver and 99.999% pure water. In this, most all silver solutions are very much alike. But beyond this, there are some major differences too. There are generally three types of products that are sold to consumers labeled as “colloidal silver”: ionic silver, silver protein, and true colloidal silver. Here is a brief description of each:

Ionic Silver: Most of the silver products that are sold today fall into this category. This is mainly due to low cost of production and low degree of manufacturing complexity. And yes, this results in a low grade product too! Let me explain why. The silver content in this type of product is in the form of both silver ions (90%) and silver particles (10%). The silver ions are produced for ionic silver by electrolysis and therefore can be described as “dissolved silver”. This is really an inferior product because the majority of silver contained therein is dissolved rather than metallic. To make things worse, confusing ads are run that claim the silver ions are small silver particles/ionic silver particles and this is really misleading. Silver ions are not the same as silver particles. I would steer clear of ionic silver solutions. On a positive note, because of the small particle size, ionic silver, if taken according to label, will not cause argyria (more on this later).

Silver Protein: The second most prevalent type of “colloidal silver” products on the market today. This type of silver solution contains a combination of metallic silver particles and a protein binder. The correct label for these products should really be “Silver Protein” but unfortunately, many label themselves as “Colloidal Silver”, which is inaccurate. Silver protein products generally have large silver particles and as such, cannot remain suspended as colloidal particles without the use of protein additives, which help keep the large silver particles from settling.  And BTW, the protein that is used in many cases is gelatin, which is made by boiling the ligaments, tendons, and skin of animals. So those of you who are vegan, stay away from this kind of silver! And just as bad, the presence of gelatin also increases the risk of bacteria in the product! Also worth noting, due to the large particle size, silver protein products are known to cause argyria!

True Colloidal Silver: These are the LEAST prevalent on the market and this is due to high degree of manufacturing complexity which translates into high production costs. In true colloidal silver, the vast majority of silver contained therein is in the form of silver particles. The ratio of particles to ions is usually 50-80% particles and 20-50% ions. True colloidal silver also has the highest particle surface area which results in the best ability to heal. True colloidal silver product does NOT cause argyria because of the smaller particle size and low ionic silver concentration!

A new type of silver: Alkaline Structured Silver

This is, in my opinion, the very best silver you can find. I say this based on two facts.

  1. This type of silver is first alkaline. All other silvers are acidic. This means that for those of you that pay attention to the body’s PH balance (I will blog on this important subject one day soon), this silver is a benefit rather than a detriment! Acidic forms of silver are good for temporary relief, but the acidic forms make it harder on your body to take with any regularity. But Alkaline Structured Silver is not so!
  2. This type of silver features silver particles bonded with water particles rather than just suspending silver particles in the water (like all other silver products). Alkaline Structured Silver actually bonds the silver permanently to the oxygen structure in the water. This is done through high intensity electromagnetic pulses (at a frequency that produces an alkaline charge BTW). This means the silver doesn’t “settle on the bottom of the bottle” because it is bonded WITH THE WATER itself!

Why take Silver?

Taking silver has multiple advantages:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Antiseptic
  • Antifungal
  • Helps heal skin wounds – can be applied to cuts or even acne
  • Helps conjunctivitis in newborns

What about the blue guy on that talk show?

Raise your hand if you saw that talk show a number of years ago that featured that dude who took too much colloidal silver over the years and actually looked like Papa Smurf. Yeah, me too. Scared the you know what out of me at the time. Then I watched the interview and realized the guy was drinking colloidal silver like a fish in water. In other words, FOLLOW THE LABEL. It’s not that hard, folks. For the record, the condition he was suffering from is called Argyria. This is where the skin actually turns purple-blue-gray (see image below). Bottom line, just follow the label and you’ll be fine. ‘Nuff said…geesh.

That is a wrap, folks. Thanks for stopping by and check out silver liquid, lozenges, soaps, etc. I have said for years that silver is something that should be in everybody’s home remedy cabinet! Until next time, remember, at Bucklebury we believe the best wealth is your health. Take care!