Salutations House of Buckle readers!

I just wanted to share some very exciting news with you. In March and April of this year Bucklebury Soothing Syrup took part in a special sampling program as we partnered with May Media Group, LLC. This is the parent company for Mom’s Meet dot com. If you aren’t familiar, Mom’s Meet is an organization that has created an on-line community for moms from all walks of life that are interested in raising happy and healthy families. Its members are made up of moms (and some dads, grandparents, and other caretakers) from all over the United States. These members regularly connect both online and in person with likeminded folks to take part in sampling natural, organic, and eco products and services. They have a massive following on their website, www.momsmeet.com where impressions usually run in the hundreds of thousands+. You should take a second and check them out. Their site is full of great health related information and they highlight and review various natural/organic/eco products and services. You won’t be disappointed!

In a nutshell 100 groups of 20 women each (2,000 moms in total) sampled our Bucklebury Soothing Syrup and Bucklebury Soothing Syrup Alcohol Free and the results were AMAZING!

Our average rating overall was 5 stars out of 5 stars, the highest rating you can get!


  • 97% rated Soothing Syrup as excellent or good
  • 98% said they would definitely or probably buy Bucklebury Soothing Syrup in the future
  • 98% said they would definitely or probably recommend Bucklebury Soothing Syrup to family and friends
  • 98% agreed it was a brand they could trust

 Additionally, they overwhelmingly agreed that Bucklebury Soothing Syrup was:

  • Effective at relieving symptoms
  • Something they would give to their children
  • Loved the clean/natural ingredients
  • Said it tasted great

You can read some reviews here!

They also did a Mom Lab video featuring our Soothing Syrups and it was a first class production. You can view the short video here.

We were very happy with our partnership with Mom’s Meet and of course the results were thrilling to us as thousands of folks were introduced to Bucklebury Soothing Syrup through the efforts of this great company!

Until next time, have a wonderful rest of your month and remember, the best wealth is your health!


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  2. www.momsmeet.com