8 Budget Friendly Self Gifts for Year Long Wellness


Being healthy is hard when you’re pressed for time and money… or is it? We’re here to tell you that wellness doesn’t necessarily require enormous free time or a fortune. In fact, you can achieve lasting health with just a few tweaks to your routine and some material aids. Bucklebury offers a handpicked selection of affordable things you can give yourself to stay healthy all year long:

1. A Health App

You likely own a smartphone already – it can be your best friend on your quest for wellness if you download a health app (or use the in-built one). Health apps can do many things – track your calorie intake, catch health problems in advance, give you exercise routines, make exercise enjoyable (if you play running from zombies game), and help you sleep better at night. Best of all, many of the best health apps are free: Livestrong offers a good list.

2. A Book on Stress-Management

Some measure of stress is unavoidable in life (and arguably beneficial). Excess stress can be incredibly harmful, causing health problems like heart disease or depression and reducing your quality of life. Learning how to manage stress is an essential wellness skill. There is no shortcut to picking this skill up. A good book on stress management is worth the investment.

3. A Cleaner Home

Your home is your safe haven and comfort zone– or it should be. A clean, organized house fills you with positivity, gives you more energy, lets you sleep better, and makes you feel more at peace with life. Consider cleaning your home more often, de-cluttering, re-organizing your furniture or knickknacks, letting in more natural light, getting indoor plants, and re-decorating your home. 

4. A Meditation Corner

Besides a cleaner home, you may want to create a special space where you can sit quietly and meditate. Meditation offers many benefits – it busts stress, improves your concentration, and can provide you with much-needed mental clarity. To create a meditation corner, remove as many distractions as possible.

5. Herbal Supplements and Remedies

If you're looking for natural ways to improve your health, herbal remedies might be worth considering. Unlike synthetic drugs, herbs are plant-based and provide a gentle shift towards greater health. Plus, they have been used for centuries in traditional medicine around the world and can help treat a wide variety of health issues such as inflammation, anxiety, and digestive disorders.

When used in conjunction with proper lifestyle habits, incorporating herbs (and other natural options such as vitamins and minerals, etc.) into your routine can offer a holistic approach to wellness. Just be sure to do your research and consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner to ensure safety and efficacy.

Bucklebury offers a wide variety of natural supplements that are laboratory tested in GMP-certified facilities. Check out their selection to see what options might work best for you.

6. Staycations

Sometimes getting away from it all is an important part of wellness. “Wellness retreats” help you unwind, have fun, and recharge your batteries. You don’t necessarily need to travel out of the country for a wellness retreat either – you could have a budget staycation instead.

Staycations are easy home vacations you have in your town or nearby city. It can be just as good as traveling abroad – there are likely countless attractions you’ve never visited or activities you haven’t partaken of, right in your own backyard.

7. Home-Cooked Meals

Eating supermarket meals or takeout might be convenient but it’s not the best option health-wise. Cooking well-balanced, nutritious meals regularly is one of the best things you can do for your health. This site shows you how to meal plan for the whole week – you can prep your meals in advance, cutting down on cooking time and saving on grocery bills.

8. A Garden

It’s an open secret – gardening is essential to a long life. Nature has many healing properties, including bolstering your mental health. People who garden are generally healthy, well-adjusted, and happy. You can garden on a budget – it doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or even space. For added benefits, you could grow your own vegetables and save money that way too!

Find Self-Care Strategies that Fit Your Needs – and Budget

When you have a lot on your plate, you don’t always pay enough attention to the things you should – such as your health. Needless to say, this isn’t a desirable state of affairs. Your health is everything, and you need to maintain it. The wellness gifts we mentioned above can make it easier to achieve your health goals without a big time or money investment.


Special thanks to our guest author, Cheryl Conklin

Image via Unsplash