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Lo recibí rapidísimo

Great product!

I have purchased it before and will continue to do so as the quality is from natural sources and very good.

Sara Sharos
Awesome!! Another great product from Bucklebury.

This has been great! I really like this product so far. I’m not quite finished, but its making me feel not so sluggish. I found the colloidal silver first and I have been so impressed with this company.

Trusted company with real life results!

I'm so glad I was introduced to this product line of Bucklebury's. I was first turned onto their soothing syrup product and then the silver lozenges, which have become a must have in my family's medicine cabinet and for gifts around the holidays. So it is obvious that when I heard about this Zeolite product I jumped into researching it and then making my purchase to begin the detox process.

I'm so grateful to find companies like this one with quality products you can count on to give you results in your health and wellness journey.

Smart mineral

This product is awesome!
It was my first time doing a detox, and was a tad bit nervous until stumbling upon this mineral. It was super easy on my body and my stomach (which was one of my main concerns).

Overall had a great experience and didnt feel ill or icky during the whole detox phase.

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Product FAQ

What is Zeolite and why do people take it?

Zeolite is a naturally occurring, negatively charged mineral that is created over time in volcanic ash that has been under pressure in an alkaline water source over a long period of time. Under an electron microscope, Zeolite has a 3D cage-like structure. Due to its negative charge and structure, it is thought to attract and trap positively charged environmental toxins for remover from the body. For this reason, it may provide terrific full body detox support. Additionally, the body’s natural immune system is supported as well. Finally, Zeolite may also provide terrific digestive support. *


How long does Zeolite stay in the body?

Bucklebury Zeolite is micronized, meaning, it gets into the blood stream to travel through the body. Most studies show that Zeolite fully exits the body in six to eight hours. Additionally, Zeolite does NOT build up in our bodies. *


Are there any side effects to Zeolite?

We all have different bodies, genetics, tolerances, etc. Additionally, we all have been raised in different environments, eat differ diets, etc. Depending on your body make-up, environmental factors, etc. you may experience some detox symptoms on Zeolite (like with any detox program). Some people detox very ‘hard’ (headaches, body odor, etc.) while other people don’t feel a thing. Either way, as with any detox program, drink plenty of water when taking Zeolite. *


Can I take Zeolite with other supplements or medications?

Zeolite is very powerful. There are some supplements and/or medications that Zeolite will draw, trap and remove from the body. Since Zeolite exits the body completely in six to eight hours, it is recommended to take Zeolite at least six to eight hours apart from your other supplements and/or medications. *


What is Clinoptilolite?

There are over 240 forms of Zeolite, with around 44 of them being natural. Clinoptilolite, one of the natural forms of Zeolite, is the only one considered safe if taken orally in supplementation. Bucklebury Zeolite is Clinoptilolite, natural form Zeolite. *



Why does the label say, “Tribo-Mechanical Activated”?

Under an electron microscope, Zeolite has a 3D cage-like structure. To grind it down for powder, if it is not done properly, the cage-like structures will collapse. Therefore, we use a process called Tribo-Mechanical activation. This grinds the zeolite without ruining its atomic structure. Additionally, we super heat our Zeolite to ~752 degrees Fahrenheit during processing. This is what is meant by “thermally activated”. Even though naturally occurring Zeolite has a natural negative charge to it, it also has spent a lot of time in the ground and as such, it has drawn positively charged particles into it. Over time when enough positively charged particles are drawn into Zeolite, its negative charge will neutralize. This is why the processing of naturally occurring Zeolite is so important. When superheated, it returns the negative charge to the Zeolite for maximum effectiveness. Without proper processing, Zeolite will be much less effective when taken as a supplement. *

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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At Bucklebury we exist because we value life and we value good health, respectively. This is why we craft unique premium natural supplements, to help you along the natural path to well-being. But it’s also why we donate a portion of all proceeds to Safe in Harm’s Way, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking. We encourage you to get to know the great folks at Safe in Harm’s Way and please pass their information on to anyone you know that is in crisis and may need their help.


You can find more information about Safe in Harm’s Way, here.