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I tried this to help with sleep quality, and I am surprisingly impressed. Now, I would not say that if you take the specified dosage, it will knock you out for hours, or even that it will make you tired on its own. But if you are making an effort to improve our sleep hygiene and are open to relaxing gradually and making this a part of a nighttime ritual, then I do think this can help. It has helped me. It helps calm my body so that I can get to sleep more easily now.

I Think This Product Works For Me

I started taking this product because my doctor recommended it for better sleep.
Since taking it, my sleep has improved gradually.
I used to wake up halfway through the night, and I could not get back to sleep for a while.
Little by little, my sleep duration improved.
Now, I sleep longer before waking up and sometimes I sleep all through the night.
I feel so much more rested!


This is a fantastic magnesium supplement! It has an effective dose of magnesium glycinate along with a solid dose of L-theanine at 200mg per serving. 200mg of L-theanine is the dose I would recommend to most people. Personally, when I take L-theanine I take 200-400mg. When taking L-theanine for its synergistic effect with caffeine I take a 2:1 ratio of L-theanine to caffeine. This supplement is good to take either during the day or at night. Both magnesium glycinate and L-theanine can provide some mild relaxation that's free from any sedation, so it should be fine to take whenever works best for you. Magnesium glycinate is about 86% glycine by weight, so you're also getting a significant dose of glycine with this. Glycine is great for sleep quality and falling asleep. So if I had to pick one time that's best to take this it would be a few hours before bed. Overall this is a great choice if you're looking for a magnesium supplement!

Better sleep and mood

I’ve been taking magnesium glycinate for some time now. It may be a placebo, but I feel it helps me get a better nights sleep. I am able to fall asleep faster, and I wake up feeling refreshed. I’m the type that can stay in bed and hit the snooze all day, I don’t when I take this supplement, so I think my body is clearly lacking something that is in these pills. It also helps me with my overall mood support. I am less likely to have temper tantrums for no apparent reason. I feel calm and well balanced. Is it the pills? Unsure, but they definitely don’t hurt anything. Easy to swallow. No negative side effects.

Roger & Francine
All men over 30 should take this

I'm not going to say much about why you should take these, there is a ton of data oit there that you probably saw if you're reading this.
These are great, easy to swallow, exactly the dosage i was looking for, no gas, easy to swallow, neutral odor and taste.
Can't ask for a better blend. 💪

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Product FAQ


What is magnesium good for?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is crucial for our bodies. It has many benefits including supporting the heart, muscles, and bone health. Additionally, magnesium helps us by promoting mood and restful sleep, healthy blood sugar levels and even helps keep us regular. It is found in many foods ranging from leafy greens to seeds and nuts, and beans. *


What are signs of magnesium deficiency?

According to the World Health Organization as much as 75% of the U.S. adult population does not meet the FDA’s recommended daily intake value of magnesium. Some possible symptoms of magnesium deficiency may include muscle cramps/spasms, insomnia, low energy/fatigue, anxiety, and issues with regularity, just to name a few. *


Why magnesium glycinate?

There are many forms of magnesium available today, (glycinate, malate, citrate, oxide, etc.). Although all magnesium forms generally have the same health benefits, not all magnesium forms are equally absorbable. Magnesium glycinate is one of the highest forms of magnesium for absorption and bioavailability. Further, Bucklebury magnesium glycinate is chelated, making it easy for your body to digest and absorb.  *


Can I take too much magnesium?

Short answer, yes. In most cases, if you take too much magnesium you will know it quickly as you find yourself sitting on the toilet with loose stools. In severe cases you could experience nausea, vomiting, trouble breathing rapid heartbeat, etc. But overdosing on magnesium is rare as you would have to take a very high amount in a short period of time. Deficiency is much more common than overdosing when it comes to magnesium. *


What is L-Theanine?

 L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea and other loose-leaf teas. It is known to promote relaxation without drowsiness, support mood, sleep, and even offer focus/cognition brain support as well! *


*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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